05 June

The Experience of an Onsite Estimate with a Moving Company

When a customer wants to get an onsite estimate from a moving company, the company will send one of its representatives to the customer's home or other location. The representative will conduct a walkthrough of the property and items that need to be moved in order to assess any potential obstacles or requirements for the move. They will also evaluate each item to determine the weight and amount of packing materials needed.

Once all of these factors have been identified, the representative will calculate the estimated cost for the move and provide it in writing. This estimate should include information such as transportation costs, labor, packing supplies, additional services such as long-distance moves, and any applicable taxes or fees. It is important for customers to compare estimates from different companies before making their decision on which mover to hire.

An onsite estimate with a moving company is beneficial for both the customer and the mover because it provides accuracy and transparency in pricing so that customers can make informed decisions about their move. Additionally, having an onsite estimate helps reduce potential misunderstandings or miscommunications between parties regarding size and weight of items which can impact overall cost.